Irrigation will resume Monday, November 30th, 2015.  Please check the schedule for your start times as they will be more like different than usual as we are resuming Lines 11-18 from where we left off due to the line break/weir delay.
Lines 5 & 6 will start irrigation from the 39th Ave pump after Lines 11-18 therefore, will come later in the week than usual. 
The front sections of Lines 18 & 17 which received water before the shut down will receive water the week of December 7, 2015 along with Lines 1-4.

Lines 5-10 will resume irrigation on Monday, November 30, 2015

Lines 1-4 & part of Lines 17 & 18 “those who received water prior to the break” will resume irrigation on Monday, December 7, 2015


Sunburst Farms Irrigation District
16040 N 43rd Ave
Glendale, AZ, 85306

Office: 602-938-8760

Irrigators Phone: 602-380-3015

Irrigation Manager – Richard Mitten 602-380-3014


On Friday, September 12, 2014 at a Special Board Meeting the Board of Directors voted to temporarily move the District Office due to flooding to  15610 N. 35th Avenue, Suite #7, Phoenix, AZ  85053

Bridle Path Cleanup Process

In an effort to streamline the Bridle Path Cleanup Process and to reduce time and expense spent on notification letters, the following process will be effective immediately.

A notice will be sent in the billing prior to Bulk Trash Pick Up stating the following:

It is the Homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the bridle path in a manner that does not prevent the irrigator from accessing the valves for irrigation, and that does not cause damage to the vehicles or pose a hazard to employees.  The standard for all homeowners is that vegetation in excess of 6 inches in height, 6 inches protruding from the fence line, and overhanging branches less than 13 ½ feet in height must be removed.

Immediately following Bulk Trash Pick Up (date), properties not in compliance with the stated standards will be identified for cleanup to be done by a commercial company and will be billed for the service provided.  The homeowner will receive a notification stating what date the work will be done and the amount that will be billed. There will be no other notices.  If the homeowner cleans up their bridle path prior to the commercial company doing the work, they must notify the Irrigation District at 602 938 8760 or at sbfidphx@qwestoffice.net  to prevent the company from doing the work and incurring the charge.                                   Approved 03/03/2015

Board of Directors

Kay Lorenzen, President


Brett Harrison, Secretary


Eldon Graber, Member


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